How to Survive Self-Isolation and Stay Connected During Quarantine

Self-Isolation can be very tricky to do for long periods of time. Right now is a critical time in our lives that we need to follow strict self-isolation and to keep ourselves quarantined to ensure a safe and healthy environment, along with minimizing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We understand that these times are tricky, and can be extremely hard to continue your daily routine throughout each day that you are stuck inside. Here are a few tips to help you continue your lives while staying safe during this pandemic. 


Cooking at Home 

This is one of the best times to learn new recipes and techniques to cooking right now! There are so many different recipes being shared online and on various social media platforms. If some of the recipes do not have ingredients you want in them, you can always add more natural ingredients such as honey, carob, and yacon root to create a more natural flavoring and healthy touch instead of using lots of sugar in your homemade goods! 

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Staying Calm

During times like these it can be hard to have a relaxing mindset and stay calm while being trapped in your home all the time. Finding activities and remedies to help you relax is a key to retaining your calm mindset while staying in your home. Hempanol and Oreganol are two remedies that will create a calm and relaxing feeling throughout your mind and body during your quarantine. 

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An important and essential part of our daily routine is sleep. During very stressful times like these it is hard to get a proper good night of sleep and can be difficult to let your body rest. Many times we may turn to sleeping pills and other sleep inducing methods to help us sleep that are unnatural and may not always help. A few natural remedies to help induce sleep are lavender, chamomile, and eucalyptus which can be found in many forms such as teas and oils that can be incorporated into your daily routine to help you get that good night’s sleep. 

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Staying Focused, Energized & Productive

Being stuck in your home can be tough when trying to stay focused on work, school, and many other activities that you complete daily. There are so many distractions and other activities that you may want to engage in while staying in and being quarantined. There are many natural remedies available that you can add into your daily routine to help you stay focused on your work and school assignments so that you can stay on track and not fall behind your schedule. 

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Boost your Immune System

Right now is the worst time to get sick, especially during the pandemic of COVID-19. Boosting your immune system to help you stay healthy and to keep other colds and illnesses out of your body is essential in a pandemic. This way you will be feeling good and keeping your body protected from all sorts of outside germs to make you stronger and more resilient to any sickness that comes your way. Eating healthy, getting sleep, and giving your body the boost it needs is more important now than ever! 

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Look your Best for Conference Calls

The only way to interact with people these days is through Zoom and any other online video conferencing platform. Since we aren’t interacting with anyone face to face we only have video chat to see others and it’s still important to look your best when connecting for work meetings. There are lots of natural remedies and resources that can have your skin and hair looking sharp and in great shape for your online meetings. Using black seed oil, burdock, or collagen for your hair and skin will help create a healthy feel and make you feel your best and look your best! Our ScalpClenz shampoo will give you that silky look making your hair healthy and looking its best for you Zoom calls. 

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Make Sure to Stay Connected

Staying in touch with your friends and family is super important in times like these! Make sure to keep up with everyone and stay in touch with their lives and their quarantine updates. Other than social media, there are other online games you can use to keep everyone having fun and together! Jackbox games are a great way to pass time and include many friends and family together in an activity, along with various virtual games experiences that are friendly to all ages and all locations! 


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