BetaPalm Oil 15oz Front Label

Rich in powerful, much-needed antioxidants that are rare to find in this density, such as tocotrienols, tocopherols, and beta carotene, BetaPalm raw red palm oil is highly nutritious to meet your fat soluble vitamin needs. Our ethically harvested BetaPalm is the ideal cooking oil for its high heat tolerance. Yet, it can also be taken raw, added to smoothies to boost nutritional content. Take it daily as your preferred natural, whole food beta carotene supplement plus the benefits of digestible triglycerides and also those special antioxidants, the tocotrienols.

Crude, raw, fair-trade West African red palm oil

Take one tablespoon daily. Also a great topical rub for skin health. BetaPalm is the ideal cooking oil. Use under medium or medium-low heat. For raw nutrition add to shakes or smoothies, or eat directly off the spoon.