BoneActiv Topical Rub

BoneActiv 2oz Front Label

Take advantage of the research. Use BoneActiv rubbing oil to support a healthy overall bone density response. It’s potent by just rubbing it on the body but also can be taken internally, as drops under the tongue. Rub it on the long bones daily. Also, rub it up- and -down the spine, all to support a healthy whole skeletal bone density response.

Wild rosemary oil, wild sage oil, wild oregano oil, organic extra virgin olive oil

Rub BoneActiv on bottoms of the feet and shins twice daily and on any involved area. Also, rub up and down the spine. BoneActiv is absorbed through body’s pores. It’s also active through inhalation. Take also internally, 5 or more drops daily. BoneActiv supports healthy bones through the power of wild spice oils.* For best results use with BoneActiv capsules.