CeylonPower Tea

CeylonPower tea is a combination of wild, raw Ceylon cinnamon plus wild, raw Ceylon ginger. Because its wild and remote-grown, it is maximum strength. Use it to support blood sugar health, inflammation, support, immune support, fat metabolism, and far more.  Drink your CeylonPower tea every day.

Wild, raw Ceylon cinnamon and Wild, raw Ceylon ginger

For a luscious drink add one teaspoonful of wild CeylonPower tea to a cup of boiled water. Or, add 3 teaspoons to a 32 ounce thermos filled with boiled water. The hot water extracts the active ingredients. Wild ginger aids in the absorption, the two spices acting together synergistically. Use it also as a food mix in all dishes, including stir fry, desserts, and smoothies.