Chag-o-Charge Tea

Front of Chag-o-charge 3.2 oz. container

The original wild, raw, whole food chaga-birch bark tea, loaded with antioxidants. Fortified with wild birch bark and maca, this tea is a therapeutic, wild-source, and organic whole food drink. Consume this high-nutrition tea daily for the best results.

What Is Chaga? from North American Herb and Spice on Vimeo.

Raw Chaga Mushroom; Certified Organic Maca Root; White Birch Bark

Add one level teaspoon of Chag-o-Charge to a cup of just-boiled water. For best results, add one level teaspoon of Chag-o-Charge to hot or boiling water and let sit unrefrigerated for 48 hours. Drink hot or cold; may be added to organic whole milk or other beverages.