ChagaHeal Skin Rejuvenation Cream

ChagaHeal cream jar

When the skin needs healing, ChagaHeal is the answer. This raw chaga cream is rich in wild-source SOD plus melanin, wild chaga enzymes, and wild beta glucan. It’s potent and is perfect to support whole body skin health. Use it for cracks in the bottoms of the feet and tips of the fingers. Apply it to bolster healing. Use it for all irritated and dry skin. It’s raw, wild, and full-spectrum; the power you need for optimal skin health.

Mountain spring water Extra virgin olive oil  Beeswax  Wild oregano oil  Sesame oil – Wild bay leaf oil Organic cumin oil  Black seed oil  Wild bay leaf water Wild, raw chaga mushroom extract Organic sage oil  Rose water  Sunflower seed lecithin  Shea butter

To nourish and beautify the skin rub a small amount on normal, damaged, or aging skin; Ideal for dry, cracked, or irritated skin. Makes skin soft and smooth. When applied to facial skin, slight heat sensation is normal. For the best results apply daily. May stain clothing.