ChagaWhite Tea

ChagaWhite coffee substitute front label

ChagaWhite is the original wild forest coffee substitute with powdered whole organic milk. Far more nutritious than coffee, it contains a special concentrate of wild black chaga with the finest quality, whole organic milk from grass-fed cows. With a special grade of organic cinnamon and vanilla, it’s delicious beyond belief. It’s a natural way to get B vitamins, especially panthothenic acid and riboflavin, plus minerals and antioxidants.

Organic whole milk powder

Wild black chaga concentrate

Wild brown chaga

Purple maca root

Organic vanilla powder

Organic cinnamon powder

For an exotic, delicious, and powerful drink add one teaspoonful of ChagaWhite to a cup of boiled water. Or, add 3 teaspoonsful or more to a 32-ounce thermos filled with boiled water. For an extra delicious taste, add ChagaSyrup or raw honey. Children love it; add a dash of cocoa.