Yummy Gummy Cherry Bears

P73 Yummy Gummy Cherry Bears are the newest, fun way for children to get the benefits of wild oregano for daily immune support. Each P73 Yummy Gummy Cherry Bears serving contains three drops of the finest Mediterranean high-mountain oregano oil blend. Every handpicked harvest is made with the highest quality ingredients, is triple-tested for purity and authenticity, and meets cGMP standards. Yummy Gummy Cherry Bears with P73 Oreganol and Black Seed Oil are tasty ways for children to support their immune system. Perfect for daily use.

Proprietary blend of extra black seed oil and wild oregano P73, certified organic fair trade granulated coconut blossom nectar, organic Peruvian yacon syrup, organic apple pectin, organic citric acid (from citrus fruit), organic tart cherry concentrate

Take two P73 Yummy Gummy Cherry Bears daily.