CollaGEM is the most actively potent hydrolyzed collagen supplement known. It is unique, because the collagen is enhanced by adding protein-digesting enzymes bromelain and papain plus high-mountain shilajit from the Himalayan mountains as a mineral source.  A fantastic daily supplement for women, it is designed to support healthy skin and nails.  CollaGEM is an essential supplement for overall health and beauty—the most complete, synergistic, and effective collagen formula available for women, which is why it is Perfect for Daily Use™

Brazilian grass-fed beef collagen, Microcrystalline hydroxapatite (MCHC, High potency bromalein enzyme, High potency popain enzyme, Wild camu camu powder, Shilajit powder,

Rosemary herb powder and Ginger root powder

Take three capsules daily. Increase as needed.

By the mid-twenties, the body begins losing its ability to repair connective tissue, including bones, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, skin, hair and nails. Even the red blood cells and nerve cells have connective tissue which needs replenishing. As well, there is a significant loss in synovial fluids, needed to lubricate the joints. The joint lining breaks down, which is disastrous and may lead to joint replacement. Because of its rich amount of amino acids, collagen helps repair the body’s connective tissue framework. That framework is responsible for a person’s physical appearance, as well as the efficiency in function of the joints, muscles, skin, and blood cells. It promotes beauty, too. The amino acids in collagen, alanine, glycine, and proline are crucial for building and rebuilding all skin cells. If the skin is aging and sagging, it has lost its collagen framework. The loss of collagen from the skin is a serious issue. It must be replaced for optimal skin health support as well as hair and nails support