Essence of Wild Lavender

Lavender Essence Liquid 12oz Front Label

Essence of Wild Lavender is a hydrosol and uses the same process as its coproduct steam distilled oil. This hydrosol distillation process also offers unique benefits, which consumers are becoming aware of. Oxygen rich, our Essence of Lavender is from mountain-grown remote-sourced wild lavender and is a soothing tonic that elevates the senses with its natural aromatic aroma.. Only 100% wild, remote-source lavender is used and rather than the farm-raised, hybrid, or chemically-tainted lavender, this is the real essence; the perfect hydrosol lavender essence for aromatherapy.

Wild lavender essence, spring water

Take one to two tablespoons in juice or water once or twice daily. Ideally, make into a hot tea by adding an ounce to a cup of hot water. Makes an excellent evening drink.