Essence of Wild Rosemary

Essence of Rosemary 8oz bottle

Essence of Wild Rosemary is a hydrosol and uses the same process as its coproduct steam distilled oil. This hydrosol distillation process also offers unique benefits, which consumers more aware of. Oxygen rich, Essence of Wild Rosemary is a true fat soluble antioxidant and helps support overall health memory, and mental acuity as well as a healthy hormonal response. Only 100% wild, remote-source rosemary is used.  Essence of Rosemary also contains unique substances compared to those found in rosemary oil and is free of all chemicals, solvents and additives.

Wild rosemary essence, Spring water and Wild organic oregano oil

Take one to two tablespoons in juice or water once or twice daily. Use as a flavoring in food. As a soothing tea add two tablespoons to a cup of hot water.