EssentiaClenz Air Diffusion Formula

The EssentialClenz Air Diffusion Formula offers potent cleansing of the air. With mycelllized oils of wild oregano P73, black seed oil, wild bay leaf, and true lemongrass.  EssentiaClenz Air Diffusion Formula is the power of wild and remote-source-derived essential oils mycellized for maximum benefit and aromatherapy. The air around us needs major cleansing and this is precisely what this formula achieves. Cleanse the air in any room, especially closed work spaces, pet rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Breathe in the aroma, even directly from the diffuser. Invigorate the body through these pure, aromatic wild and remotely-grown plant oils. Lemongrass calms the body and nerves in a major way, shown in scientific studies.

Invigorate your lungs, bronchial tubes, and immune system in the most unique way: by inhaling these mycellized fumes. If desired and for variety, add in essences of wild sage,
lavender, and aromatic rose in a 50:50 mix with the Essentia Clenz. Enjoy the process, and inhale the cleanest most pleasant-smelling air in the world.

Why mess with oils and water figuring the dose, when it is all in one formula? Just pour into the diffuser to gain the benefits.

Mycellized wild oregano oil P73, Black Seed oil, the Essence of wild oregano, Wild bay leaf oil, Lemongrass oil, plus Sunflower seed and Vitamin E

Pour directly into a diffuser for cleansing air and uplifting spirits. No mixing needed.