EssentiaClenz Cleansing Mist

Enjoy cleanliness without chemicals. EssentiaClenz Cleansing Mist is the purest, most natural room spray available. Made with lemongrass oil. along with the all-powerful natural, potent oils of wild oregano, bay leaf, and black seed, nothing can match its air cleansing powers. The aroma is exotic, Use the spray to mist and deoderize air everywhere.  Let the mist fall on all surfaces to cleanse.  EssentiaClenz Cleaning Mist can be used on the body. hair, and in the shower. Free of all alcohol and solvents. Enjoy a new life with wonderful, aromatic EssentiaClenz Cleansing Mon allist.

Filtered water, Mycellized oils of oregano, Bay leaf, Lavender, Lemongrass, and Clove bud

Shake before using Spray into the air and let drift down on all surfaces. It will keep your whole environment clean and fresh.