GreensFlush oil 2oz bottle

This is the original wild, raw, unprocessed remote northern Canadian triple wild greens detox mix. Because it’s raw, the enzymes are intact, which makes this ultra-powerful. Use it to support a healthier, natural elimination response, both in the urinary system and intestines. Use it also to support healthy power and energy, as it works on the liver and gallbladder reflexes.

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Wild, raw dandelion extract, wild, raw nettles extract, wild, raw burdock leaf extract

Take 10 drops under the tongue or in juice/water twice daily. For major cleansing take 20 drops two times daily.

FOR PETS*: Start with a few drops in water. For large animals you can use a dropper up to a ½ dropper. teaspoon.

*The instructions and dosages recommended are based only on the ingredients used in North American Herb & Spice pet friendly products. Substitutes has proven dangerous, especially oregano products.