kid-e-kare Kids Need Care (Book)

Kids need care by Judy k Gray front cover

Kids need powerful sources of nutrition. That’s how they can have perfect health. They also need spiritual guidance and love. It’s all here in Kids Need Care by Judy K. Gray, M.S.

Foreword by Doris Rapp, M.D.

Whether infants, toddlers, children, teenagers, or adults -all need nutritional guidance and care.

Kids Need Care gives you this for the whole family learn:

  • how to prepare easy and delicious recipes that are more nutritious than any vitamin pill
  • how to save money and feed babies better with fresh
  • 5-minute baby food ( adults can use these, too)
  • the power of natural B vitamins for ideal health and growth
  • what minerals keep your child calm and stabilize blood sugar
  • how special natural foods improve mood and behavior immediately
  • how to protect your children-and the entire family-from dangerous food and water additives
  • how nutritional deficiencies impair the development of the brain, bones, and other organs
  • the power of love and spiritual guidance for a healthy family