LivaClenz Caspules

LivaClenz 60 count bottle

LivaClenz Capsules are a potent combination of herbs and spices, including wild dandelion root and leaf extracts plus spice complexes, for supporting overall liver and gallbladder health. It also contains pulverized dandelion root, well established for its powers in supporting healthy liver, gallbladder, and intestinal detox. What a convenient way to support a healthy whole body and liver cleansing response; experience the benefits.

P73 oregano powder (oil), rosemary powder (oil), coriander powder (oil), ground wild cumin (seed), wild cumin powder (oil), organic turmeric (root), ground fennel (seed), wild high-moutain oregano (herb), organic dandelion powder (root), wild sage powder (herb)

Take one capsules daily with a full meal. Take more as needed.