MacaMilk Drink Mix

MacaMilk front of package

What a delicious way to get your maca, 100% organic, Peruvian in source, along with wild chaga and birch bark—a superfood infusion mix. Use it to support your body’s ability to adapt to life itself, and we could all use that. The combination of organic purple maca plus wild chaga and birch bark is hard to beat. Experience its power for your better health.

What Is Chaga? from North American Herb and Spice on Vimeo.

Organic, wild maca root powder, wild, organic black chaga, vanilla powder, organic yacon & ceylon cinnamon powder

Feel the MacaMilk difference by drinking this coffee and hot beverage alternative, which strengthens but also relaxes. Brew directions: on medium heat bring mixture of milk and MacaMilk to a simmer. Continue simmering on low heat for five minutes or more, stirring occasionally. Mixes best with a wire whisk. When done, add fat, sweeten as desired, and serve.