OregaSpray 2oz Front Label

OregaSpray gives you the opportunity to use nothing other than wild spice oils for cleansing and deodorizing your environment. Plus, it’s a natural vegetable wash for cleaning and supporting the health of the whole family. It also has a wonderful wild lavender scent and is safe to use around pets.

Spring water

Wild, organic oregano P73 oil

Organic bay leaf

Wild, organic lavender oil

Clove bud oil

OregaSpray is the only completely natural, edible, multipurpose spray. With hundreds of uses it is the ideal: Vegetable wash, air cleanser, hand cleaner, toothbrush spray, food cleaner, environmental spray, odor neutralizer, kitchen and bathroom cleaner, pet deodorizer, body and foot deodorant, and breath freshener. Keep away from eyes and genitals. Shake well before using.

An excellent alternative to GermaClenz!

FOR PETS*: Spray in the air or on the animal. Use in the house on wet dogs, around and in cat boxes, pet beds and surfaces. Avoid spraying directly into eyes.

*The instructions and dosages recommended are based only on the ingredients used in North American Herb & Spice pet friendly products. Substitutes has proven dangerous, especially oregano products.