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Pom-O-Max is the only 100% natural, mountain-grown, Mediterranean pomegranate concentrate available. All other sources derive from commercial pomegranates. This is the original pomegranate concentrate, made by the same old-fashioned methods used for centuries. Notice the exceptional taste and aroma of this pomegranate concentrate. Pomegranate is rich in flavonoids, which naturally support the health of the heart and arteries. It is richer by weight in antioxidants than virtually all fruit and vegetables. Can be mixed with sparkling water for a refreshing drink or used as a flavoring for your favorite dish or even right out of the bottle. •original village formula pomegranate concratne, 100% Mediterrian-source

• the true mountain grown sour pomegranate

• twice the ORAC level (twice the flavonoids) of the commerical type

• a natural source of punicalagin and ellagic acid, both of which are heart healthy


Mediterranean slow-cooked pomegranate concentrate
Pom-o-Power and Wild Oregano Salad Dressing

1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/2 cup balsamic vinegar
2 T. bulk OregaMax or contents of 8 OregaMax caps
3 T. Pom-o-Power

In mixing bowl add ingredients, mix well, pour into dispenser and pour over salads or vegetables. Makes an ideal dip for whole grain bread.