PomaMax 12 oz dietary supplement front label

God has a special place for pomegranate, as it is known as the Apple of Paradise. Mentioned in both the Biblle and Qur’an and revered by the Pharaohs, pomegranate is a key fruit for supporting a healthy whole body response and is especially significant for heart health. PomaMax is made from exclusively Mediterranean and wild-grown pomegranates, which are gently steamed to produce this highly tart, flavorful concentrate. Use it to support overall cardiovascular health the whole-food way by the world’s leader in natural supplement concentrates, North American Herb & Spice.

Pomegranate concentrate from 100% mountain-grown & wild Mediterranean pomegranates

As a natural food take one tablespoon daily. Also, add to shakes and smoothies, as well as stir-fry. Ideal over meat and fish. Make a tasty pomegranate “poma-ade” by adding to sparkling or flat water (about 1 tablespoon for every 12 oz).