Purely-B Whole Food B Complex

Purely-B powder front label

There is nothing in this world like Purely-B; The world’s only truly whole food B complex powder free of all petrochemical derivatives. Most people don’t realize it but nearly all B-complex capsules or tablets contain B-vitamins from coal, tar, or petrol sources. Not so with Purely-B because it is exclusively from food.

Rice bran

Rice germ

Torula yeast

Royal jelly powder

Wild, raw chaga

Organic roasted maca

Red sour grape

Take 1 to 2 tablespoons daily in juice, milk, or smoothies. Mix 1 or 2 tbsp. in hot or cold cereal, soup, and entrees. Add to most any recipe to increase nutritional value. Great in yogurt and even desserts.

FOR PETS*: Start with a half teaspoon than use as requested by your pet. NAHS’ Rumi & Remi have their own bottle and frequently love to indulge (See Video)

*The instructions and dosages recommended are based only on the ingredients used in North American Herb & Spice pet friendly products. Substitutes has proven dangerous, especially oregano products.