Purely-E Drops

Purely-E 1 fl oz front label

It is now known that it is the whole food, unprocessed complex of vitamin E with all its synergists that is most powerful versus heavily processed isolates. That’s what you get with Purely-E, plus it is non-GMO, since it is extracted exclusively from whole food sunflower oil. It’s highly potent both for internal and topical use. The drops are ideal for taking under the tongue and also for applying to any skin concern. Use them to support a healthy antioxidant response and also healthy skin and healing. They are far more potent than the heavily processed commercial types.

Sunflower seed, vitamin E complex, pumpkinseed oil, red palm oil, wild rosemary oil

Take three drops under the tongue or in juice/water once daily. Add to smoothies. Also may be used topically.