PurelyLIVER Capsules

The New Zealand source is crucial to establishing this beef liver product as the highest quality available. This area of the world has a unique soil microbiome that cattle thrive on. This type of beef goes beyond “grass-fed” because its diet consists of multiple plants besides grass alone. Many brands may claim grass-fed, but it is only for a small portion of their cattle’s overall life span. It is proven that GMO grain-fed cattle contain substantially fewer nutrients than their healthier organic grass-fed counterparts. PurelyLIVER’s 100% grass-fed is the healthiest beef liver option available.

Beef liver is excellent for supporting a healthy energy response.* The Li-Chi, a handbook of rituals published during China’s Han era (202 B.C. to 220 A.D.), lists liver as one of the Eight Delicacies. Throughout most of history, humans have preferred liver over steak by a large margin, regarding it as a source of great strength. Take PurelyLIVER and enjoy the health benefits of the finest grass-fed beef liver available.

Freeze dried beef liver

Hypromellose chlorophyll capsules

Oregano oil P73 powder

Take five capsules daily or as directed by your healthcare provider.