ScalpClenz Conditioner

ScalpClenz Conditioner front label

Based on a special blend of essential and spice oils plus entirely natural, whole food conditioner ingredients ScalpClenz feels great on and the results are equally great: for also softer, silkier hair. This is a hair and scalp support system, along with the shampoo and rubbing oil. This is the cleanest, purest essential oil-based hair conditioner available, absolutely chemical-free.

Mountain spring water, apples, strawberries, oranges, clove, ginger, pineapple, cranberries, blueberries, geranium, raspberries, blackberries, celery, boysenberries, orchid, coconut, papaya, marigold, hazel nut, pine needles, oak bark, chamomile, nutmeg, calendula, jasmine, lemons, parsley, thyme, eucalyptus, cherry bark, passion flower, cinnamon, fennel oil, wild bay leaf, wild rosemary oil, sesame oil, Oreganol P73, essence of rose, essence of rosemary

Use as conditioner and for hairstyling. Apply as much as needed to refresh and renew hair and scalp. Totally chemical free.