Super 5 Berries

Super-5-Berries bottle

There is great power in wild nature, and that’s represented to the maximum in Super-5-Berries. This is a remote-source, wild, handpicked berry extract, which supports a healthy whole body cleansing response, since it is so clean and pure. This is what makes it so ideal to support a healthy whole body and total cellular response, while also supporting overall intestinal health. That’s the degree of effort for purity, potency, and quality that you expect from North American Herb & Spice.

Pure springwater, wild, blueberry extract, wild, red & black raspberry extracts, wild, raw blackberry extract, wild, raw chokecherry extract, wild, raw high-bush cranberry extract, raw camu camu extract, wild, raw aronia berry extract

Drink 1/2 to one ounce daily. For special circumstances drink more as desired. Add to juice, water, full-fat milk, or yogurt. Makes a great drink added to pure springwater (1/2 ounce per 8 ounces).