Front of Thyroset 90 vegi capseules bottle

The health of the heart and circulation is of interest to all people. It’s not just about feeding the heart and also about what should be avoided, like refined sugar, processed vegetable oils, and cigarette smoking. It’s also about supporting the health of the glands, which aid in a healthy heart response such as the thyroid. To support a healthy thyroid response use Thyroset. Powered by wild rosemary and oregano Thyroset contains as key active ingredients the amino acid tyrosine, along with remote source Atlantic Ocean kelp. For added support take with ActiFEM capsules and also the Oreganol juice. You may also use oregano oil, rubbing it over the thyroid gland.

Wild, raw kelp (plant), L-tyrosine, wild high-moutain oregano (herb), wild rosemary (herb)

Take two capsules twice daily.