Total Body Purge

Front of Total Body Purge 12 oz. bottle

There is nothing in this world like Total Body Purge. The toxins which accumulate in the body are great, and we need great power to support a healthy cleansing response. With its wild, raw, far-northern greens extracts plus spice oil complexes and black seed oil, it gives you the potency you need when you need it—all through the wild powers of nature. Highly sophisticated, this is the most therapeutic of all herbal or natural cleansing complexes available. Always remember, raw is more potent than heat-treated.

Cold-pressed black seed oil, wild raw high bush cranberry extract, wild raw dandeloin leaf/root extract, wild, raw burdock leaf extract, wild raw nettles extract, wild raw fireweed/clintonian extract, wild sage oil, wild rosemary oil, wild oregano oil, cumin oil, fennel oil, cilantro oil, cold-pressed organic extra virgin olive oil, raw apple cider vinegar

Take one ounce with breakfast for twelve days. May add to food or juice. Milk reactions, such as bloating, fullness, or slight headache, are normal and will disappear with continued use. Shake well before using. Taste and consistency may vary. Does not interfere with daily activities. For ideal results take daily for one month.