TurmaMax 3.5oz

In the lush surroundings of Southern India and Sri Lanka the most aromatic turmeric known is hand-harvested. It is then fortified with extra turmeric active ingredients, known as turmerones, which are essential to preserve the turmeric and enhance absorption. Organic amla is added, which further preserves it and aids absorption.

Cleansed with dry steam TurmaMax is free of the typical microbial contamination found in other turmeric powders. TurmaMax Fortified Turmeric Powder adds flavor to all foods and is an ideal addition to smoothies. Dense in powerful phytochemicals, commercial types cannot compare. Ultra-high in turmerones, it has 1.5%, while all others are 0.2% or less. That means it’s 7-fold greater. Plus, it’s dense in curcumin at 5% or greater. This is why it is so delicious and nutritious. Enjoy it in foods such as stir-fry and vegetable dishes. Enjoy it for your good health.

Added turmerones aid in the absorption of difficult-to-absorb turmeric pigments including curcumin.

Organic wild turmerone-fortified root powder, organic amla extract powder. Non-GMO

TurmaMax is potent. Only a small amount is needed. Start with a 1/4 tsp. or more to flavor food. Use as a flavoring for yogurt and smoothies and in stir-fry or meat dishes. Also ideal for making tea and turmeric milk.