Why Only Whole Food, Natural Vitamins Should Be Consumed

Vitamins are substances found in nature. The whole basis of these compounds is that they must be consumed in the diet; in other words, they cannot be made by the body. Then, if sufficient amounts are not consumed, a person becomes deficient. This can lead to a wide range of symptoms and even the onset of certain diseases.

There are a few exceptions. Biotin can be made in the body through bacterial synthesis, as can vitamin K. Niacin can be produced in the body through tryptophan stores. Otherwise, if these nutrients are not consumed or are taken in insufficient amounts, deficiency syndromes result.

These nutrients are found in tiny amounts. They are refined creations of almighty God. No human can synthesize them exactly. Only the natural-source vitamins offer potency and power for the prevention and reversal of disease. They are parts of foods. They are required for metabolic processes and are catalysts needed for critical cellular reactions.

When the vitamins were first discovered, it was found that they could be purposely denied from the body to see the result. This was done in both animals and humans. Diseases which were once plagues of the human race were reproduced in test animals, like pellagra, beriberi, rickets, and scurvy. Then, it was known for certain that a lack of these key factors led to disease.

So, when the animal was sickened through forcing out the nutrients, what was done? These substances were replaced, and the animals fully recovered.

Natural Versus Synthetic Vitamins, Research and Common Sense

This research was done primarily in the 1930s through 1950s. What was used to reverse this pathology? It was strictly food and food concentrates. This was prior to vitamins being mass-synthesized. Regardless, even when these synthetic versions were available, by no means would they reverse deficiency disease.

How could they? These were/are made from coal tar and/or petrochemicals. Others are produced today from GMO-tainted raw materials, corn for ascorbic acid, soy for vitamin E. Still others are made through the use of GMO-based bacterial synthesis. There are no solid health benefits from the consumption of these sources, only the potential for greater bodily harm.

Therefore, only truly food sources should be consumed as vitamin sources. In the past rice bran, rice germ, torula yeast, brewer’s yeast, milk powder, butter, citrus extract, and fish liver oil were used to correct the imbalances. Today, this is what should be consumed without exceptions. If it isn’t from food, it shouldn’t be consumed.

North American Herb & Spice (NAHS) is the rare exception in the nutrition industry, never producing synthetic vitamin supplements. NAHS only relies only upon whole foods, such as wild camu camu, Rhus coriaria, red sour grape, wild chaga, torula yeast, rice bran/germ, wild sockeye salmon oil rich in vitamins A & D, and royal jelly, as nutrient sources.

Consider the research. Let us just review the issue of synthetic vitamin A, that is vitamin A palmitate. Made from either coal tar or petrochemical residues it is a well-published cause of birth defects when take by pregnant women. Yet, the natural-source nutrient, as found in the fatty salmon oil naturally extracted, or pure, unprocessed cod liver oil, fails to do so. Cleft palate and heart defects are readily induced as are malformations of the nervous system.

In impressive work conducted in the 1930s Dr. B. Sure found that synthetic vitamin B1 from coal tar was highly poisonous. It was determined to cause all test pigs to become sterile.

Regardless, no one would in their right mind consume coal tar and petrochemical derivatives. These would be clearly poisonous to human cells.

GMO-based vitamins are little better. They too are poisonous, ascorbic acid alone in high doses causing a 2-fold increase in stillbirths. The same was true of vitamin E, soy-based, which more than doubled the incidence of these fetal fatalities.

Think about it. These substances are noxious to the precise basis of existence, the developing fetus, while also damaging the fertility and reproductive apparatus. Obviously, then, they would be damaging to all other systems in the body.

This is why NAHS makes vitamin supplements exclusively from food. The doses may be lower, but the efficacy is far greater: without toxicity. Truly whole food supplements include the ‘Purely’ category, that is Purely-C, E, B, and the comprehensive Purely-PAK. There is also the condensed, freeze-dried royal jelly, that is Royal Power, and also the natural, whole food vitamin A & D source, PolarPower.

Other sources of vitamins include wild oregano whole herb, that is OregaMax, wild chaga tea, especially ChagaBlack, and wild greens extract, including DandoMax. Along with whole foods, all such supplemental sources offer naturally occurring vitamins and minerals in micro-doses, though sufficient enough to correct any deficiencies. It doesn’t take much to gain a positive benefit. That’s how powerful are the natural-source nutrients.

Get the benefit of these supplements of a quality like no other. Get your vitamins naturally, the way God Himself intended, never altered and manipulated and, certainly, never through man-made synthetics.

To discover vitamin deficiencies in the body, see the forthcoming testing Website, www.ebodytype.com, where only natural-source vitamin supplements plus whole foods are recommended. These tests are also found in the newer editions of Nutrition Tests for Better Health (publication date, Mar. 2020).


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