How To Support Your Immune System Year Round

As winter ebbs and flows, people worry about providing their immune systems with the support it needs to operate at its optimal level. But seasonal changes that impact our immune systems can strike year round – not just during colder periods. A poorly supported immune system makes your body more susceptible to these changes, and, as a result, negatively impacts your sleep, ability to focus, and overall health.

Giving your body the support it needs year round is key to your overall well being, and easy when you turn to any number of North American Herb & Spice products!

What causes a weak immune system?

Studies have shown that as we age, our immune response capabilities diminish. This increases the likelihood of suffering from an increasing number of seasonal changes. While age is a factor in how well our immune systems function, our diets have a lot to do with our immune response as well and can lead to a weakened immune system regardless of age. If you aren’t getting the right amount of nutrients in your daily diet, your immune system will certainly be affected.

Does a weak immune system impact me year-round?

Yes! Even though the desire for immune support is stronger in winter months, the fact of the matter is that we are susceptible to these changes year round, and even more so when our body’s defenses are low. That’s why it’s important at all times to ensure we are getting good sleep, getting regular physical activity, and eating right.

What can I do to support my immune system?

One of the easiest things you can do to support your immune system is to remain active. Keeping a consistent exercise regimen, even if it’s relatively low-impact cardio, can go a long way to supporting your immune response.

Ensuring the surfaces in your home are clean is also an easy way to support your immune system, albeit indirectly. By ensuring that your home is disinfected, you can protect against a lot of the negative seasonal changes that can impact your health.

Additionally, you can support your diet by including wild, raw, whole food supplements that are more potent than manufactured supplements.

Lastly, in times of elevated seasonal concern, it’s important that you find natural resources that support you and your body – no matter the time of year.

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